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Create and Manage Your PR and Promotion
Pack One
Link to 8digital PR promotion pack for musicians and bandsLink to 8digital PR and promotion pack for bands and musicians

Let 8digital write a professional Press Release and Bio distributed on the web by us. You get access to our UK TOUR database, with Radio, Newspapers and Bloggers for you to target as you gig around the UK.

Having a well-written press release and bio defines you in print as a professional musician and serious about your art. A poorly written release can make or break a review/article about what you do and how you are perceived. 8digital will write a professional Press Release and Bio that reflects honestly who you are and what your story might be to enable the media to find a story angle easily.


We will undertake to aggregate your PR on the web, providing stats for you to see where your release is featured and how many times it’s viewed. You get access to our TARGETED UK TOUR database , so YOU don’t have to do the legwork on tour. We’ve done it it for you!


  • Increase Reviews
  • Target media for your UK TOUR
  • Reach more fans
  • Manage your reputation